Archery Coues Challenge

Written by Whitetail Tales

A Coues Quest

Written by Darren Choate

Mountain Lion Adventure

Written by Whitetail Tales

Last Minute Muley

Written by Thomas Grill

Rainy, Reindeer Adventure

Rainy, Reindeer Adventureby Tim Neal When I told my wife that I had booked a hunt through Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures at the SCI show, “You booked a hunt where and for what?” was her response. I said that I was going to the Aleutian Islands to archery hunt reindeer. “Why?” she asked. To me, it ma

Idaho Whitetails: Slips & Success

Idaho Whitetails: Slips & Successby Scott Haugen, EditorWestern WhitetailThe very first whitetail buck I ever saw in Idaho still, to this day, remains one of the biggest I’ve seen in the state. My camera man, Bret Stuart, and I, were perched in a pair of treestands, high in a big Ponderosa pine. The

Whitetails Across America 2016

Whitetails Across America: What’s in store for whitetail hunting 2016?by Dana R. Rogers, Editor Whitetail TerritoryYears ago, I used to “Chase the Rut;” I’d load up my pickup with supplies, stands, decoys, bow, and all the gear it would hold. I would spend several weeks hunting in three different st

Public Land Elk Hunting

Public Land Elk Huntingby Mark Kayser, Editor Western Big GameThe rock group Europe’s song “The Final Countdown” was beginning to play in my head as I slipped along the rocky ridge trying to locate a band of bulls I’d found the day before. It was the last week of the archery elk season and the tag I

Idaho Early Season Success

Idaho Early Season Successby Tim NealBeing from Arizona when someone says whitetail, I immediately think of our little gray, desert whitetail, the Coues deer. The Coues deer is one of my favorite species to hunt, but spending portions of the last several summers and falls in Idaho, I now pay more at

Off-season Trophy Search for Western Whitetails

Off-season Trophy Search for Western Whitetailsby Darren ChoateWhen scouting for Western Whitetail, use the available tools to find a trophy buck or two to chase this season–and next.Without a doubt, every hunter dreams of shooting a trophy buck. The bleak truth: not every hunter will convert his or