Archery Coues Challenge

Archery Coues Challengeby Steven SatranArchery is never easy; it takes focus, patience, skill, and practice to succeed. Hunting is the same way; you need to have the motivation to get through limited sleep, hours of driving on roads that vary from wide open interstates to narrow two tracks pin-strip

A Coues Quest

A Coues QuestA Whitetail hunt gone Western!by Darren Choate, Editor In ChiefAfter glassing a group of deer well over a mile away, but knowing there was a good buck in the group, I made the long journey their way. The route took me across the desert floor, followed by an ascent of 1,000 feet in eleva

Mountain Lion Adventure

Mountain Lion Adventureby Bryan CamposCentral Nevada offers an array of wildlife ranging from deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, bear, coyote, bobcats, and mountain lion. It’s rare to come across felines such as bobcats and mountain lions out in the wild. Most people will go their whole lifetime wi

Last Minute Muley

Last Minute Muleyby Thomas GrillDue to work obligations, I was allotted very little down time this past hunting season. It was already the middle of Wyoming’s deer rifle season, and I was chomping at the bit to get a chance to go hunting. With a few open days in my schedule, near the end of the seas

World’s Record Non-Typical Coues Deer

The Pope And Young Club Announces A Potential New World’s Record Non-Typical Coues DeerChatfield, MN – In December of 2015, Terry Edwards of San Carlos, Arizona took an incredible Coues deer that may be the new Pope and Young Club Non-Typical World’s Record.“My heart was racing and I could hear it b

Rainy, Reindeer Adventure

Rainy, Reindeer Adventureby Tim Neal When I told my wife that I had booked a hunt through Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures at the SCI show, “You booked a hunt where and for what?” was her response. I said that I was going to the Aleutian Islands to archery hunt reindeer. “Why?” she asked. To me, it ma

First Day Coues

First Day Couesby Conrad SheleyMy hunt began in January 2016. I love chasing Coues deer during the rut and I’ve taken three Pope and Young bucks doing just that. This year was different; I wasn’t hunting alone, my wife, son, and father decided that they also wanted to archery hunt the January rut. I

A Whitetail Plan

A Whitetail Plan“I love it when a well-laid out plan comes together!”by Darren Choate, Editor In ChiefAs I prepared for the 12-hour trip to Oklahoma facing me the next day, I happened to check my Facebook feed. Greg Allen, owner of Bend of the River Outfitters in western Oklahoma had just uploaded s

On Our Own on the Arizona Strip

On Our Own on the Arizona Stripby Armando J. RuizI couldn’t believe it happened. We had applied for the coveted Arizona Strip, and we drew tags. I was beyond disbelief; yet, I was excited beyond words for the opportunity to chase giant mule deer bucks in one of the best units in North America.Before

Idaho Whitetails: Slips & Success

Idaho Whitetails: Slips & Successby Scott Haugen, EditorWestern WhitetailThe very first whitetail buck I ever saw in Idaho still, to this day, remains one of the biggest I’ve seen in the state. My camera man, Bret Stuart, and I, were perched in a pair of treestands, high in a big Ponderosa pine. The

Whitetails Across America 2016

Whitetails Across America: What’s in store for whitetail hunting 2016?by Dana R. Rogers, Editor Whitetail TerritoryYears ago, I used to “Chase the Rut;” I’d load up my pickup with supplies, stands, decoys, bow, and all the gear it would hold. I would spend several weeks hunting in three different st

Public Land Elk Hunting

Public Land Elk Huntingby Mark Kayser, Editor Western Big GameThe rock group Europe’s song “The Final Countdown” was beginning to play in my head as I slipped along the rocky ridge trying to locate a band of bulls I’d found the day before. It was the last week of the archery elk season and the tag I

Idaho Early Season Success

Idaho Early Season Successby Tim NealBeing from Arizona when someone says whitetail, I immediately think of our little gray, desert whitetail, the Coues deer. The Coues deer is one of my favorite species to hunt, but spending portions of the last several summers and falls in Idaho, I now pay more at

Kansas 11-Point

Kansas 11-Pointby Darren Choate, Editor In ChiefHaving grown up in the West hunting primarily mule deer and elk, a Midwestern whitetail hunt had never even been in the back of my mind. As a young adult, my hunting passion switched to the pursuit of the Coues White-tailed deer. Still, I had no desire

Whitetail & Elk, East & West

Whitetail & Elk, East & Westby Cody McDonaldThe winner of the Western Whitetail Hunt Giveaway with Clark Fork Outfitters in Northern Idaho tells his story of the hunt.On October 16th, I packed my gear and headed to Palm Springs Airport to fly home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for two weeks of militar

Unexpected 7

Tim Herald | Colorado I was actually on a mule deer hunt in CO with Western Legends with a client. He was to shoot first, so when we found a big mature whitetail half way through the hunt, I opted to use my tag for that. We watched the buck from about 1,200 yards leave a weed field with a couple of

The G2 Buck

Darren Choate | Arizona I hunted this buck and another giant for several years. A friend–who shall rename nameless (Pro Staffer, Shelton Boggess)–missed this buck in 2012. In 2013, the G2 buck came alone to my stand site. The buck drank water for several minutes, while I decided to shoot or pass. I

1st 100 Incher

Colton Choate I took this buck on the second day of the 2014 season. We spotted it at over a mile away and had to climb over 1,000 feet in elevation for a shot. I made a 200-yard shot to harvest my first 100-inch Coues buck.

My First Bow Buck

My First Bow Buckby Alexa LoaMy dad, Thomas Loa, and I were hunting our lease–at the time–in Throckmorton, TX. It was already pretty close to the end of the rut, but we just happened to be sitting in the right spot that night.My dad has always been really good about stand location. He had set us up

Off-season Trophy Search for Western Whitetails

Off-season Trophy Search for Western Whitetailsby Darren ChoateWhen scouting for Western Whitetail, use the available tools to find a trophy buck or two to chase this season–and next.Without a doubt, every hunter dreams of shooting a trophy buck. The bleak truth: not every hunter will convert his or

Food Plots & Magic Beans

Food Plots & Magic Beansby Dana R. RogersRemember the old, often talked about fairy tale about magic, specifically, Jack and the Bean Stalk and his magic beans. The world of whitetail food plotting has often been inundated with different plantings, seeds touted to be that next ‘magic bean’ of sorts.

Kansas Trophy Hunt

Kansas Trophy Huntby Justin LeeWhen whitetails are mentioned, the first place that comes to mind is Kansas. Being from Georgia, you just don’t get the opportunity to see the quality or even the amount of game you do in KS. It’s a completely different world. So when my good friend, Rusty Willis, with

Post Season Improvement

Post Season Improvementby Dana R. RogersThe transition from one deer season to another is when I go over all my notes and plans from last season to find where I can improve. Whether you keep a journal, spreadsheet or 3-ring binder full of data, I would highly suggest you input as much information as

Patience Pays Off, for Coues Bucks

Patience Pays Off, for Coues Bucksby Gerad AlvinIt’s January, and for me that means one thing, time to chase some Coues bucks! My passion for archery hunting Coues deer started ten years ago when I had a 130-plus-inch giant run by me at a mere eighteen yards! All I could do was stare in awe as the b